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Cryptocurrencies have colossal potential but inaccessible...

The cryptocurrency market is booming, with millions of new users entering the space each year. However, crypto platforms face significant challenges in onboarding these users effectively, leading to:
Decreased user retention
Lower trust and credibility
Missed revenue opportunity

Simplify and improve user onboarding

With 3Decrypt, your users can access a comprehensive set of tools and features, including an AI-powered questionnaire, detailed analyses, and simplified audits.

Personalised suggestions

Our AI-powered questionnaire lets your users receive personalised suggestions to simplify their approach to crypto.

Simplified reviews

Our analysis provides users with valuable insights and data, allowing them to see the pros and cons of each cryptocurrency.

Simplified audits

Our simplified audits ensuring that users can make more informed decisions.

Why 3Decrypt?

Customisable white label

A flexible white label solution that can be tailored to match the branding and specific needs of any crypto platform.

Improve user experience

An intuitive onboarding experience to increase user satisfaction and reduces dropout rates, helping platforms retain more users.

Simplify onboarding process

Reducing the complexity of initial setup, making easier and faster for new users to start using the platform.

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